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Believing: it makes the world go round

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Let’s talk about what believing is, how it works, and why it makes the world go round. To answer these questions, we’re going to time travel back to 1991.

When I younger (we’re talking 2 years old), I had this audacious – no, CRAZY idea that whatever it took, I would spend my time being around jet planes: fixing them, making them, flying them even – whatever I could do. Who lets a 2-year-old around jet planes?

17 years after that age when I would sit on the floor endlessly drawing F-16 Fighting Falcons, someone of importance decided I wasn’t dangerous and finally let me around military aircraft. I got to take them apart and put them back together, while being paid to do it! That’s amazing. What jet fuel got me there?… BELIEVING.

What is believing?

First of all, I’m thankful you’re reading this because I want to you have a clearer understanding of what actions are involved in improving your life, and ultimately, the lives of those around you.

Believing is the convergence of faith and action that purposes to yield the realization of a certain outcome.

How does believing work?

Both faith and action make up believing, and believing is comprised of both faith and action. If you’re dreaming about something in the way that I dreamed about jets at 2 years old, believing is then also getting the education required to do it; it’s actively seeking employment at the places that allow you to fix them. Conversely, if you’re doing all those things but just going through the motions, believing is then also having the trust and confidence i.e. the “faith” to finish what you started.

Believing works because when a goal exists, the faith enables an individual or a group of people to have the motivation and resilience to stay mentally targeted on the goal, and the action bring him, her, or them practically closer to capturing that flag. Relying on but only one of these components makes progress difficult.

Believing is the convergence of faith and action that purposes to yield the realization of a certain outcome.

Why does believing make the world go round?

Because things get done! Where would anyone be without the laboring to get them there? Where would anyone be without the motivation to not give up? At the core, every accomplishment – whether moral or not – took some level of believing to complete.

My challenge to you is to take time out of your day in the next couple of days to think about one important thing you want to see happen in your life, and why you want it to occur. If you find that the motive is good i.e. moral, then strategize some actions you can take to reach that goal that are also moral. This is the groundwork upon which you’ll build a series of actions that closes the gap between you and the realization of that certain outcome.

I hope you continue to believe bigger and better. I’m looking forward to hearing from you what goals you have, and how you’re going to complete them. Let the community know below in the comments so we can build each other’s confidence up! In my next post, I’m going to share how to amplify your results while ensuring authenticity by believing according to God’s Word! I appreciate you sharing this blog post, because that’s an opportunity you’re giving to someone who is trying to make positive changes in their life to find some light (knowledge), and to find a supportive community here at WTTP.

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